About Meenakshi Devi Singhania

    Meenakshi Devi Singhania, is a renowned art consultant, appraiser and conservator in the city of Delhi.


    Meenakshi Devi Singhania

    She specializes in conducting audits of Art Collections, focusing on the condition of the artworks, identifying damages, flaking, tears as well as presence of fungus, etc. in the artwork and generating benchmark condition reports.

    She is an art appraiser, conducting appraisal for private collectors as well as on behalf of insurance companies whereby she helps determine the value/ price of an artwork.

    Moreover, she is an advisor to a number of high net-worth individuals coordinating the sale and purchase of genuine artworks directly from artists or galleries.

    She is a certified Art Conservator with an M.A in Art Conservation (Audit Student) and has more than 12 years of experience dealing with the art industry working for private individuals and art galleries.

    She is also a visiting faculty at the National Museum Conservation Lab.